Mohamed Henni

... expresses all his creativity in his kitchen, drawing from his different inspirations to articulate tastes and textures in harmony.

He enjoys a growing permaculture garden, full of appetizing colors and smells, between ancient vegetables and surprising aromatic herbs.

His creations, imprints of poetry, can be found in a weekly seasonal menu, and a menu that comes in the form of a 5-course “Traversée” and a 7-course “Odyssey”.

When the warm weather arrives, a selection of delicatessen products and grilled meats is available in a pop-up wine bar.

Parcours & Influences

His grandparents gave the Chef his love of the table, with Mediterranean accents.
His Ukrainian wife also introduced him to Slavic conservation and fermentation techniques.

Several personalities have also influenced the Chef's career:
Steve Schmitt at the Abbaye de la Pommeraie and Fabien Beaufour at the Domaine des Etangs (1 *).
A decisive imprint in his kitchen where the product is respected, sublimated and which focuses on the essential, like an obviousness in the mouth.