De la terre...

In 2020, Maxime Boront and the Château de Saulon estate, the restaurant's place of residence Deux Rivières obtain organic certification for the farm.

80% of the seeds are organic farm seeds (selected by Maxime each year) and the remaining 20% ​​come from approved organic suppliers in the region.

In addition to the fruit trees and the 2 hectares now cultivated, the farm is expanding with freshwater fish, poultry and sheep farms planned for the coming year. Beehives have also been installed.

...A l'assiette

Under the vaults of the Deux Rivières restaurant, we discover a very Burgundian elegance.

A gourmet break inspired by the rhythm of the seasons, which puts the product at the heart of its creations.

The result of in-depth discussions with the manager of the farm, Maxime Boront, the Chef's kitchen Mohamed Henni evolves according to the harvests of gardeners and arrivals from local partners.